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The Most Detailed Wellue O2Ring Review – keep an eye on your SpO2 with medical-grade accuracy

The Most Detailed Wellue O2Ring Review – keep an eye on your SpO2 with medical-grade accuracy

A number of companies are looking beyond the wrist at the next frontier in wearable technology. Few people know that the finger can provide a useful snapshot of a person’s overall health. This is because it contains arteries that can be sensed by finger-worn...

Continuous Oxygen Monitor

Your oxygen condition, always updated.

iBreeze™ APAP Machine


Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG)

EKG stands for electrocardiogram and refers to an examination method in which the electrical activity of the heart is measured. The so-called heart action is derived via electrodes and recorded in the form of curves. Based on these, the doctor can assess whether the...

O2Ring Reviews-The Best Way To Manage My APNEA. 

Thank you for sharing your story, Jack Moreland. Our customers tell our story so much better than we do.  "My name is Jack Moreland. My wife tells me I snore a lot. She eventually persuaded me to have a sleep study performed by Cleveland Clinic. The result was a...

Sleep Oxygen Monitor for Babies

Is the sleep oxygen monitor for babies worth it and why do we need it? One of the biggest concerns that new parents have is that their baby will stop breathing and won’t know it until it’s too late. You may even know parents that this horrific tragedy has happened to....

Oxygen Monitor for Baby – Frequent Q&A for New Parents

Oxygen monitors for babies especially for newborns are thought to give peace of mind to parents. Do you know why? Compared to adults, the respiratory status of newborns requires close attention. If a newborn is found to have hypoxia during delivery, it is even more...

Baby Monitor Comparisons – Wellue BabyO2 S2 VS Owlet Smart Sock

Overview This article made a comparison between Owlet and BabyO2 S2. Baby oxygen monitor now is thought to be a useful bedtime helper that brings peace of mind to new parents or caretakers. The innovative baby monitor continuously tracks oxygen levels and heart rates...

PAP Machine Cleaning and Disinfecting

Taking care of PAP equipment is vital for sleep apnea patients to benefit the most from PAP therapy. PAP Machine Cleaning Proper and routine care for PAP machine cleaning and disinfecting will help: Prevent growth of bacteria and mold Prevent sickness and infection...

5 Best smart ring buying guide 2022

In recent years, smart rings have gradually become popular among the general public. These rings are gradually changing people's lifestyles. In our world of interconnected devices, there are plenty of options available to track...

Who Needs to Monitor Oxygen Levels at Home in Daily Life

Normally, oxygen saturation (SpO2) means how much oxygen the hemoglobin in your blood is carrying. Normal blood oxygen saturation in a healthy person is approximately 95-100%. If oxygen levels fall below this level, lung disease may be present. A level below 92% (in...


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