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what causes sleep apnea
What Causes Sleep Apnea

What Causes Sleep Apnea

What causes sleep apnea? Any factor can cause the narrowing of the airway, and the upper airway obstruction may cause nocturnal hypoxia during sleep, leading to sleep apnea syndrome. The main common causes are: Aging: The prevalence of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)...

The Most Detailed Wellue O2Ring Review – keep an eye on your SpO2 with medical-grade accuracy

The Most Detailed Wellue O2Ring Review – keep an eye on your SpO2 with medical-grade accuracy

A number of companies are looking beyond the wrist at the next frontier in wearable technology. Few people know that the finger can provide a useful snapshot of a person’s overall health. This is because it contains arteries that can be sensed by finger-worn...

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep-related breathing disorder: Those affected suffer breathing interruptions during sleep. The noises are loud and irregular compared to regular snoring (also a sleep-related breathing disorder). Sleep apnea mainly affects men who have too many...

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How to Inhibit Snoring? What can You Do to Stop Snoring?

Article overview 1. What Is Snoring?2. Why do people snore?3. Home Remedies to Stop Snoring4. Sleep Apnea5. Snoring Diagnosis and Treatment What Is Snoring? Snoring is noisy breathing while you sleep. It’s a common condition that can affect anyone, although it happens...

What is COPD and How Can Pulse Oximeters Help with It?

Article overview 1. The respiratory system safeguards effective gas exchange2. Oxygen is vital for normal body function3. Different types of respiratory system illnesses4. What is COPD?5. The primary cause of COPD6. COPD can lead to decreased oxygen saturation of the...

Deeply Analyze 8 Sleep Apnea Treatments: Pros and Cons

What is sleep apnea? While we sleep (often during a night’s sleep), relaxation of the pharynx muscles usually makes the airway narrow. If this narrowing is not significant, it does not pose a health threat. The highest normal scenario, in this case, can be uniform...

How does Wellue O2 Ring Help Pilots Combat Hypoxia

Article Overview 1. What is Hypoxia?2. What Can Cause It?3. Aviation and Hypoxia4. Monitoring Your Oxygen Levels5. Conclusion One condition you should be mindful of when you are a pilot is hypoxemia and hypoxia. This isn’t something minor like airsickness; it can...

Asthma in Children: How Can Pulse Oximetry Helps

For children, asthma can be tough. Having smaller airways compared to their adult counterparts can cause some serious issues. By testing your child’s blood oxygen levels, you can help to manage their asthma. One way is through pulse oximetry. Let’s look at what it is...

The Doctor’s Guide About Testing Sleep Apnea at Home

The Benefits of Testing Sleep Apnea at Home What is sleep apnea? Sleep Apnea is a condition wherein the body’s oxygen levels decrease due to an obstruction lodged in the airway or simply because the body stopped breathing for a while, and sometimes, both. If you know...

Sleep Apnea: How to Test it at Home

Over 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, but this number may be even higher because 80 percent of it is not diagnosed. To top that off, sleep apnea can lead to many health problems such as diabetes, stroke, and heart failure. We understand if you feel like...


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