Can I have sex during pregnancy

Can I have sex during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, your desire for sex could diminish, given the myths and misconceptions that permeate. Openly talking about sex with your spouse/partner can help you to enjoy intimacy safely during pregnancy.

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Can Pregnant Women Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Can Pregnant Women Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Vaccines have come as a ray of hope amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some countries have already started to vaccinate their citizens. Does that list include pregnant women? This has become the biggest concern for families with pregnant women.

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Professional medical devices

 Professional, Portable

The application of EagleView Ultrasound in detecting gallstone in the gallbladder 

- by Dr. Nigel Minihane, member of the Royal...

EagleView Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Inguinal Lymph Node

- by Naroopa N, Registered Diagnostic Medical...

EagleView Ultrasound Review and Comparison with Butterfly iQ & GE Vscan

Masters of Ultrasound, an educational account on Youtube, has released his video of EagleView Ultrasound Complete Review recently. In his video, he also compared it with other portable ultrasound products on the market.

Real Case Study- The application of EagleView Ultrasound in lung scanning

This is a real case study of EagleView Ultrasound applied in lung scanning. EagleView completed its mission to help clinicians to diagnose pleural effusion and did help them do some sono-guided interventions.

Choose the One from All- An Objective Review of EagleView Ultrasound

This is an objective review of EagleView Ultrasound by Wiley, a physician specialized in pulmonology and critical care. To choose a suitable device for POCUS, he compared some ultrasound brands, such as Clarius, Butterfly, etc.


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