A Guide to Take Care of Heart Health at Any Age

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protect your heart healty at your age

Heart health is a prerequisite for good health. A healthy heart pumps fresh blood and carries oxygen to nourish organs and tissues.

Heart disease in our life will do harm to human body. It is mainly due to a result of some bad habits formed long time in daily life.

People of all ages should take care of their heart and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so as to reduce the risk of heart desease.

So how to take care of your heart at your age?

(1) 20-30 years old:Build good habits

People in their 20s are busy at work or school, sometimes sitting for a whole day with little time for exercise. Sitting for long periods of time lowers HDL cholesterol levels and fails to clear arterial plaque. So sit less and move more. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or run or bike instead of driving the car.

Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke. Smoking will increase the risk of heart disease.

Don’t ingnore your body health even though you are at an early age. The body mass index, heart rate, blood pressure and belly circumference should be tested regularly every year to adjust your lifestyle and diet. You can take a smart scale to manage your body health at home.

(2) 30-40 years old: Stay strong

People at this age is very easy to induce the occurrence of various diseases. So you should attach importance to more outdoor activities and a healthy diet.

Doing aerobic exercise to keep your heart rate and weight at normal level.

At the same time, follow the dietary principle of low salt, low sugar and low oil, eat at least 500 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit every day, of which dark vegetables account for more than half. Staple food should be diversified. Increase the proportion of coarse grain in staple food.

Learn to release stress of work and life and keep a good state of mind. Prolonged stress can raise blood pressure, speed up the heart rate, damage the endothelial cells in the blood vessels. You can relieve stress by meditation, listening to soft music and exercising.

Remember to learn your family genetic history and regularly do physical examination.

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(3) 40-50 years old: Home monitoring

People aged 40-50 should actively monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, body weight and other indicators. Deal with sleep apnea early. In particular, blood sugar should be checked every three years after the age of 45, and once a year for those at high risk for hyperglycemia, diabetes and being overweight.

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(4) 50-60 years old: Stay on track

People aged 50 to 60 should  keep calm. No matter what the situation, learn to relax because mood swings are likely to raise blood pressure and cholesterol, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.

If there is chest pain and discomfort, use EKG monitor to track your heart activity instantly and go to the hospital in time.

(5) Over 60 years old: Beat the risk

Elder people should record your health status. Keep a good record of the average blood pressure throughout the day. Use ECG recorder to track your heart activities all day.

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Cardiovascular disease is becoming more and more common in younger people, so people of any age should pay attention to protecting their heart by adjusting their diet and avoiding foods high in salt, sugar and fat.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise moderately, and actively control your weight. Pay more attention to your heart. If unexplained chest pain or discomfort occurs, seek medical advice as soon as possible.


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