5 Best smart ring buying guide 2022

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In recent years, smart rings have gradually become popular among the general public. These rings are gradually changing people’s lifestyles.

In our world of interconnected devices, there are plenty of options available to track and record your data and compile it into easy-to-read metrics that can provide you with useful information about your health, habits, and bodily functions.

In addition to the health benefits, smart rings can also be used as security measures, securely connecting you to biometric systems and helping you to make secure contactless payments as well.

No matter what your needs are, there is a smart ring on the market for you.

Smart Ring Comparison Chart
Smart Ring Comparison

What does a smart ring do?

A smart ring is an electronic device worn around your finger and can collect many different types of data. Smart rings are useful for many reasons, such as sleep tracking, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, activity tracking, and other features. A smart ring can connect to your mobile devices with Bluetooth capabilities and help the user monitor sleep, track sleep apnea, body temperature, and other biometric data.

A smart ring can also provide other functionality, such as using an NFC chip connected to your bank cards to make contactless payments.

Smart rings can also be useful for providing notifications from other devices, such as updates from online accounts, phone calls, or reminders for to-do lists.

How to use a smart ring?

A smart ring can be worn on the index finger, ring finger, or any finger of your choosing. All you need to do is wear your ring like normal, and the smart ring will automatically track your data and utilize its features.

Smart rings require little to no additional setup to track your data. You need to wear your ring like a traditional ring and go about your life like normal.

Depending on the battery power of your smart ring, you will need to place your ring on the charging dock occasionally to charge the battery.

How accurate are smart rings?

Most smart rings collect various data that can be compiled into useful metrics for improving health and making life easier. Many smart rings are similar in the data they collect, but some smart rings are more accurate than others in different usage scenarios.  

The smart ring options have evolved drastically over the last several years, and advancements in wearable tech have made smart rings more accurate than ever.

Smart rings can be used to accurately track heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen level, body temperature, and activity tracking, and it is much more convenient than other wearables.

Smart watches

Smart watch
smart watch

Although smartwatches are very popular, they cannot provide the high level of accuracy provided by smart rings due to their different wearing positions. Smart rings can make more precise measurements, as well as take measurements with minimal interference.

The battery life of smart rings also lasts much longer than that of smartwatches, which need to be charged more frequently, meaning that less data is being measured.

Smart ring during COVID

A smart ring is an excellent consideration for the COVID-19 pandemic. Many smart rings offer to monitor your blood oxygen level, which is an important metric for someone who has COVID. Monitoring blood oxygen levels is a great way to track whether or not there is enough oxygen in your blood, which is good news for COVID patients.

COVID and heart rate


Another important metric that smart rings can measure in regards to COVID is your resting heart rate. If you become infected with the virus, it is important to monitor your heart rate if the infection becomes problematic.

NFC Smart

Another benefit of smart rings during COVID is the NFC chip. Using NFC for contactless payments is a great way to protect yourself from germs out in public. By waving the ring on your finger over the sensor for contactless cards, you can make payments without the need to make contact with surfaces.

NFC Compatibility

There are two categories to consider when looking for an NFC ring: passive options, which can be used for contactless payments, POS systems, integration with a biometric security company, and a smart NFC ring that incorporates NFC into its broader functionality.

The smart NFC ring that you choose should be based on your needs and incorporated into the systems you already use in your daily life.

NFC smart

Things to consider when buying a smart ring

There are many different options when it comes to buying a smart ring. To find the best ring for you, it is helpful to decide what you want out of your ring and what data you want your ring to collect. This buyer’s guide can help you find the best ring for your needs.

Smart ring Features

The smart ring market is full of options, and before you decide on the ring for you, it is a good idea to decide on the features you want your ring to have beforehand.

Data accuracy

What data do you want your smart ring to collect? Do you want a ring that can track sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels? Do you want a smart ring that acts as a fitness ring? Does your ring need to be water-resistant or have long battery life? Should your smart ring connect to your phone or other devices?

All of these questions are important when it comes to choosing the best smart ring for your lifestyle. Whether you prefer sleep tracking, fitness tracking, or an NFC smart ring, there is a ring with all the features you need.

O2ring report
Wellue O2ring provides users with detailed analysis and records of overnight blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and body movements. It records in 4-second intervals.


Most smart rings can connect with your other electronic devices to retrieve the data that smart rings collect. The more data that smart rings collect typically means you want a ring with longer battery life to get the most use out of your ring.

Exporting your data is also an important factor to keep in mind when shopping for smart rings. The ability to see all of your data in one easy-to-read format is crucial for understanding your habits and vital signs.

Smart Ring Form Factor

A smart ring will live on your finger, so the smart ring form factor is something to consider.

Do you want your smart ring to have a subtle design that looks like a regular ring, or do you prefer a ring that looks more like a futuristic gadget on your finger?

The form factor will be dependent on the functionality of the ring you choose.

Looks are important

There are plenty of options available on the internet for smart rings for picking a smart ring that resembles a regular, circular ring. Smart rings can come in all finishes, like rose gold, silver, volcanic magnet, and energy stone.

You want a ring that looks good on your hand, regardless of the outfit you wear or the setting in which you’re wearing it.

Most importantly, however, you should also feel good while wearing the ring.


To pick the right size ring, a sizing kit is a way to go. A sizing kit comes with multiple plastic rings in a variety of sizes in order to help you find the perfect fit for your ring.

To use the sizing kit, try the different rings on the finger you want to size until you find the one that fits best.

A ring should fit snugly around your finger but not so tight that you can’t take it off when you need to place it on the included charger. Your ring should be comfortable to wear when you are awake and while you sleep or exercise, without falling off.

If your smart ring is too small, you may restrict blood flow, which will obscure the data and give you inaccurate readings.

Alternatively, if the ring is too large, then the censors will not make proper contact with your skin, and you also run the risk of your ring slipping off during sleep or exercise, possibly losing the ring entirely.

Battery and charging

If you want to use a smart ring for sleep tracking, you will need to wear your ring overnight while you sleep, which means that you want to pick a ring with adequate battery life.

NFC smart rings are typically passive devices that do not need a battery to operate, such as the MClear ring. However, these types of rings do not provide the same features as battery-powered rings.

If you choose a battery-powered ring, it will come with a charging dock used to recharge the ring’s battery.

The charging time and battery life will depend on the ring’s functionality and how you use the ring daily.

Protection measures

Much like traditional rings, a smart ring that you wear 24/7 needs to be able to withstand your day-to-day life. When deciding features for a smart ring, you may decide that you want a ring that is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and able to stay on your finger while you sleep.

The best smart rings provide all of the protection you need while giving you the functionality you deserve.

When making any investment, you want to purchase the product that gives you the most for your money without worrying about defects or being easily damaged.

The Oura ring provides an excellent finish that is scratch and water-resistant to maintain its beauty while providing full functionality.  

Operating system and device compatibility

When shopping for a smart ring, you must select a ring that can easily incorporate your other smart devices.

If you use an Android device, you want a ring that can communicate easily with your device to provide a seamless compilation of data, but if you use an iPhone, you want a ring that can be used with your apple health app.

Most smart rings can also be connected to smartwatches as an extra way to view the data that smart rings collect.

Additionally, smart rings like the Wellue O2Ring can export your data in various formats, making it simple to analyze your oximetry data in easy-to-read charts, graphs, and however else you may want to view your data.

To get the most value out of your smart ring, connecting your smart ring to your phone or PC is important, so the data it collects is easily accessible to you and any medical professionals you wish to share the data with.

Smart ring market

The cost of a smart ring can vary based on the brand, material, and functionality. This buyer’s guide aims to provide information on the best smart rings available.

While the Oura Ring is one of the top smart rings on the market, it retails for around $300. The Oura Ring is one of the best smart rings on the internet, which is why the company sold more than 150,000 in the last year alone.

The Wellue O2Ring is the best smart ring for home medical use. Utilizing infrared optical pulse measurement, the Wellue O2Ring is one of the best options that is proven to help track oxygen levels in your blood, sleep, and heart rate all in one.

The Wellue O2Ring retails for only $165 and has some of the best features available in a smart ring while providing the most accurate measurements of oxygen, heartbeat, and sleep patterns.


When making such an important purchase, it is important to select a ring with a comprehensive warranty. Should something happen to your smart ring, you must get a replacement or receive repairs.

Most of the best smart rings offer warranties, so check what the options are before you make a purchase.  

Best Smart Rings

Oura ring

Oura ring

The Oura ring is one of the most popular smart rings available. With its sleek form factor, silver and rose gold finish options, and long battery life, it’s easy to see why the Oura ring is so popular with health-conscious users.

The Oura provides all of the functionality that users seek in a smart ring, expertly packaged in a beautiful, comfortable device that has proven to be one of the best smart rings on the market.

The Oura ring’s price point, however, makes this a less attractive option for many buyers. 

Buy Oura ring.

Wellue O2Ring

Wellue O2ring gif
Wellue O2ring

The Wellue O2Ring is one of the best smart rings available. It will give you the most accurate measurements for blood oxygen, resting heart rate, and sleep tracking.

It is a sleep monitoring product with medical-grade accuracy. When the ring is put on, it automatically starts tracking your nighttime blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body movement.

Sleep Apnea

The Wellue O2Ring can help to manage sleep apnea. With its built-in sleep apnea evaluation, it can help monitor your overnight blood oxygen saturation and remind you of respiratory problems.

When it detects low oxygen levels or irregular heartbeats, it will silently vibrate to alert you, providing effective protection when you snore during sleep.

If you are looking to improve your life by monitoring your sleeping patterns, logging your vital signs, and tracking your data in an easy-to-read format, the Wellue O2 Ring is the ring for you.

Professional Reporting

The Wellue O2Ring provides continuous transmissive oximetry reporting, trusted by doctors and hospitals worldwide, all in a lightweight, comfortable wearable device designed to track every hypoxia event and promptly alert the wearer of any abnormalities.

It prints the sleep data throughout the night into a report, and if there are any abnormalities you can promptly share the report with your doctor.

If you are looking to improve your life by monitoring your sleeping patterns, logging your vital signs, and tracking your data in an easy-to-read format, the Wellue O2 Ring is the ring for you.

Buy Wellue O2ring.

MClear ring

MClear ring

The MClear ring is an NFC smart ring designed to be used for contactless payments and biometric security applications.

While the MClear ring can be a good replacement for contactless cards and payments, the MClear ring does not provide the same functionality as some other smart rings.

If you are looking for a smart ring to track hypoxia events or monitor blood pressure, the MClear ring may not be the ring for you.

Buy MClear ring.

Echo Loop

Amazon Echo Loop

The Amazon Echo Loop is a smart ring solution with many functions.

Aside from biometric data, the Amazon Echo Loop can be used to call your top contact in case of an emergency quickly.

One of the benefits of the Echo Loop is the device’s ability to seamlessly connect with all of your other Amazon-connected devices in your home to control the lights, TVs, and other Alexa-controlled devices.

The voice assistant capabilities of the Echo Loop are what make this smart ring so attractive to potential users, as this is currently the only smart ring available with voice-command capabilities.

Unfortunately, however, the Echo Loop is not available for the public to purchase at this time.

Amazon Echo Loop Application entrance.

Motiv ring

motiv ring product series
Motiv ring

The Motiv Ring is a great option for buyers looking to monitor workouts and physical activity. The Motiv Ring uses O2 sensors and a heart rate monitor to give users an accurate overview of their physical activity.

Whether your workouts involve running, biking, or weight lifting, the Motiv ring may be just the right smart ring to help optimize your workouts.

Aside from activity and biometric tracking, the Motiv Ring has gyroscopic sensors, as well as an accelerometer to gather your data best.

Motiv ring website.


In conclusion, a smart ring may be the device you need to help monitor your health, track your sleep cycles, or help you securely make contactless payments and connect to secure biometric systems.

While there are many smart rings available, it is important to evaluate the needs you wish to fulfill with a smart ring.

Whether you want a ring that can keep you secure online, keep track of your sleep and vital signs, or help you make calls quickly, there is a smart ring solution for you.

It is essential to choose a smart ring that is comfortable, accurate, and durable to get the most value out of your investment.

In this post-COVID landscape, monitoring oxygen levels in your blood has never been more critical, and having an accurate reading during a hypoxic event can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

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