Fitness and Wellness Tech Innovations to Improve Your Well-being 

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fitness and wellness tech products to improve your life

Tech Products that Could Seriously Upgrade Your Life 

Healthcare technology is no longer confined to sickly clinics. There are all sorts of health and wellness tech products like sleep trackers, heart rate monitors, and more. You are probably making all sorts of resolutions about quickly improving your health, diet, weight, stress level, and overall well-being. Wellue store has 2 particular products, a smart blood pressure monitor with EKG and a smart body fat scale, that can work together to help you manage your health at home and on the go. 


See Our Smart Body Fat Scale and Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor with EKG

Smart Body Fat Scale — Always Know Where Your Health Stands

Wellue makes a few different at-home health devices, like a smart blood pressure cuff and ECG monitor. But the one you’ll likely want for your bathroom is the smart body fat scale that measures weight and full-body composition stats like percent body fat and muscle mass. It’s also got cool features like the ability to recognize individual family members and a baby mode that can track your baby’s growth.

This smart scale can show you more than the 3 numbers that define your weight. It measures 15 body compositions: Weight, BMI (body mass index), Fat-free Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Protein, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Bone Mass, Heart Index, Skeletal Muscle, Bone Mass, Heart Rate, Body Age, and BMR (basal metabolic rate). It offers insight into cardiovascular health. Those data are typically synced to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The APP “Fitdays” provides detailed trend charts of 15 measurements to track the changes in your body composition over days, weeks, months, or even years. Clear data graphs give you a clear view of your body change and enable you to reach your goal in a healthy way; think of it as a personal coach within your smartphone.

Wireless BP Cuff + EKG — Keep Blood Pressure and EKG in One

Another key indicator of one’s health is blood pressure. Wellue’s Smart Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure and track EKG quickly and wirelessly. Wrap one around your arm, press the button, and then the systolic and diastolic pressures and heart rate data will be displayed on the OLED screen. By holding the gadget with your hands on its both sides, you can have the EKG results within 30 seconds.

With an App that records readings over time, it’s an amazingly convenient tool for people who need to keep a close eye on their blood pressure and EKG. You can keep a history of recordings to show your doctor, or monitor any unusual rises or falls.

The AI analysis of the EKG waveforms is one of this monitor’s amazing features. While no substitute for a doctor, it is handy to get an interpretation of your EKG. 

Who Will Benefit Most?

Naturally, anyone can benefit from devices that help improve and monitor health and wellness. But for some, it will be particularly important.

  1. Someone trying to lose weight
  2. Someone trying to live healthier
  3. The elderly or those with blood pressure or heart issues
  4. Athletes and fitness fanatics 

No matter your particular health goals, age, or fitness level, smart scales and blood pressure monitors can work together to help create a clearer picture of your health and wellness.


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