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1. Love O2 Ring, Powerful Phone & Computer Reports
2. Product Build Quality and software accuracy
3. Very Grateful For This Product
4. The perfect device if snoring or having sleep apnea
5. This is my new security blanket


Love O2 Ring, Powerful Phone & Computer Reports

— From Terri

I purchased the O2 Ring in March 2020. In April 2020 I started using a C-Pap.

To be honest, I trust the O2 Ring Report more than I do the C-Pap report. The O2 Ring has an app-based report that gives you a nice visual including statistics of your night oxygen levels. The O2 Ring also has a PDF and .cvs report that provides more data that you can download on your computer. That report is very similar to a sleep study report done by doctors. My C-Pap (DreamStation) report “estimates” data to report: Total Clear Airway Apneas, Total Obstructive Apneas, and Total Hypopneas. Sometimes the C-Pap says I have 15 or more hypopnea events, but the O2 Rings shows my true oxygen level doesn’t drop below 93%, and then only for a few seconds. If you are using a C-Pap, I highly recommend you check your “actual” oxygen levels while sleeping, and the O2 Rings does this easily.

In May 2020 I purchased a 2nd O2 Ring for my husband, and there was a problem with the battery. I emailed Wellue and they got back to me quickly and sent a replacement ring immediately, no charge. I have contacted customer support a couple of times with technical questions, and they always get back to me quickly. I’m impressed with their customer service.

My husband is on night oxygen because his oxygen levels drop below 89% at times. With the O2 Ring, we can monitor how he is doing and make sure his oxygen settings are optimal, not too high or too low. I am amazed that for C-Pap and for oxygen therapy, the machines don’t monitor “actual” Oxygen Levels. Doctors are guessing at settings without any real data, in my opinion! With the O2 Ring, you will have better information than the reports generated by a C-Pap machine.

Continuous oxygen delivery, as far as I know, does not monitor your actual oxygen levels, at least the Respironics machine he is using does not. We both wear our O2 ring every night and download both the app report and the computer report. On the app report, you can edit information to add to the report. I like the visual summary of the app report and I email it (comes in as a picture) to my email.

I highly recommend the O2 Ring, it has provided my husband and me with “real” oxygen levels while we sleep. It also monitors heart rate, # of oxygen level drops >3% and also greater than 4% and gives you the # of drops/hr for both 3% & 4% drops. It gives you your high, average, and low readings for both Oxygen and Heart Rate. The pdf/.csv report provides all the data, the app report gives you a summary. Both reports give you your total time wearing the ring. It provides you a score from 1-10 (10 being the best) about your quality of sleep.

Thank you Wellue! I LOVE our O2 Rings. Being a “data” based decision-maker, I find it invaluable! (FYI: I also compared my O2 Computer PDF Report with the Doctor Ordered home sleep study report, and the data was the same.) I have also at times during the night checked my oxygen with a finger pulse oximeter, and the readings were the same as the O2 ring. (I’ve attached the O2 app report on my phone and a print screen from the C-Pap report). The C-Pap report shows 12 Hypopneas, but the O2 Report shows that my minimum Oxygen was 91%. On the O2 report, I add notes that include the date, day of the week, my O2 Score, My AHI Score, and the (2-6-12) is the C-Pap data for Total Clear Airway Apneas, Total Obstructive Apneas, and Total Hypopneas.)

Product Build Quality and software accuracy

— From MH

Overall the product seems good. The main concern is really if it’s accurate and reliable. 2nd concern build quality.

So far it has worked well except 1 night(3rd night wearing it)the heart rate was all over the place from 60 to very high over 200 which I never recall in my entire life wearing sport heart rate monitors. Not sure if it was a glitch in the ring software??? Either way I continued to wear for the past month and the heart rate/ pulse rate seemed fairly normal other that the one night. I can judge that the H/R – P/R monitoring is fairly accurate compared with other products I have compared it with. For the O2 levels all I can say is the algorithm used doesn’t seem to make sense since some days I’ll have minimal drops under 10 total and 0 seconds below 90% but a low score however other days drops above 10 total with 1-2min below 90% with a better score, so like I said it is really not sensible how the algorithm is working. To end this point I cannot gauge how accurate it is since if I simultaneously wear the ring and compare it to other POximeters the O2 ring seems to be on average 1-3% lower than the others. The reason I got this was that I was curious to know how I was sleeping P/R, O2 levels and movement. It seems to be a good general reference and for me it answered some questions however to really know a professional doctor would need to evaluate the recorded information.

About the build quality the TPU stretch rubber material I’m afraid will break it just feels very thin that is my impression I may be wrong but have only worn it at night for about 6 weeks. Only time will tell. Also you need to be very careful inserting and removing the charging cable. It is difficult and as mentioned you should not put pressure on the ring sensors or you may damage the product.

This is also a concern putting on and taking off the ring but have figured a way to do it so there is no pressure on those sensitive parts.

Extra points

It would be helpful that the 4% drops are marked in the report now it only says How many but sometimes it’s hard to see where they are in the graph Chart. It would seem this could be fixed or added to a software update.

Also for the heart rate P/R it would be nice to know the lowest and highest amount during the night along with the average which is already great to know.


Very Grateful For This Product

— From Fishy F.

This product and the accompanying app are very clean, very modern, just what I was hoping for. Connecting is automatic, downloading data is automatic, etc. Form factor is small, comfortable, well designed. Very, very happy w/ring versus older wristwatch + finger clip product, the other option I considered.

Here is my experience:

Turns on automatically when you put in your finger, counts down to turning off / saving data when you remove your finger.

I downloaded the app for my iPhone from the Apple store. The app comes up searching for devices automatically. On first use had turned on a device with a finger (then removed, stays on for a while), the app found the device & showed pictures of the ring. Clicked on the picture of the ring & was paired.

Clicked “Settings” at the bottom and turned on heart-rate alarm, turned off oxygenation alarm. Easy to use & clean.

Put a ring on, went to bed. Took off when got up in the middle of the night, then put it back on. So 2 data sets were created.

In the morning, the app found ring automatically because it was on, said “loading ” and displayed a report when done. Both data sets were loaded. Clicked on each data set to see its respective report.

App has 4 main options across the bottom, “History” which is where your data sets/reports are; “Dashboard” which displays real-time O2 & HR status when the ring is on; “Settings”; and “Discover” which searches for the device.

BTW when the ring is not on, click “Offline Use” at the bottom of the app screen to review data, etc.

Ring does wake me up okay on the default, medium intensity vibration when my HR drops below 40. Feeling better in AM. Very grateful for this product :o)


The perfect device if snoring or having sleep apnea

— From Michael

Supposedly having been freed of sleep apnea after changing my lifestyle, mainly by losing weight thanks to healthy keto, I wanted to keep an eye on SpO2 and HR during sleep and luckily found this fabulous device.

The major benefit is that it can not only be used for diagnoses, but also therapy due to its configurable vibration alarm. I’m still snoring, which I additionally monitor with a SnoreApp on my mobile, and I usually have several events during the night that trigger the alarm, but I’m not worried anymore that I may suffer from SpO2 undersaturation or a too low HR.

The mobile and PC apps offer sufficient reporting for analysis and I save the CSV and PDF reports daily, but I’m checking these just superficially.

I can not really reproduce the complaint by others that the battery life should be better, because I connect the O2Ring to my laptop for downloading the data every morning anyway and just keep it connected till fully charged. Better battery life would mean a larger battery which would add size and weight to the ring, which definitely is not desirable.

At first, I was worried that the size of the ring might be annoying, especially as I move often during the night, but it does not bother me at all. My fingers are quite skinny for a male, and the ring sits nicely but firm on my left thumb, which felt slightly uncomfortable during the first few nights, but I guess it was just because I wasn’t used to it.

Overall a really good investment for better sleep quality and ease of mind. I use my O2Ring every night and during afternoon naps and I don’t want to be without it anymore!


This is my new security blanket

— From icanedspotsprincess

“I had the chance to try the Wellue O2Ring, and I love it. First glance out of the box– a small ring with a display screen. Worked right out of the box. I opened the app and the graphs are amazing. Everything was pretty easy to understand and intuitive.

The Wellue 02Ring is a wearable oximeter that records your heart rate, O2 levels, as well as body movements, It records data while you sleep and alerts you when you have low oxygen, low heart rate, or high heart rate. It sends a vibration to you immediately.

I wanted to try this product because I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Asthma, EDS, and issues with oxygen levels and heart rate fluctuations while I sleep. WIth POTS and asthma, I often have issues breathing, and maintaining Oxygen, especially during sleep cycles. Additionally, with POTS I have large fluctuations in my heart rate. This device gives me such peace of mind while I sleep– it can be life-changing should I have a drop in oxygen overnight, or my heart rate drops or rises to an unsafe level. The O2Ring is very comfortable, it has a silicone material that contours to your finger.

It’s so cool 🙂 It’s easy to use, comfortable, and USB rechargeable. This device provides measurements of your O2 & HR and it’s very accurate. It vibrated when you need to be alerted, and does so with a strong vibration on your finger. provides you with so much information that can be shared with a medical professional, or therapist.

Overall, I am very impressed with this device from Wellue, and can honestly recommend the device. This is my new security blanket. Very nice!!


  1. Абенов Мурат

    Hello! We have a problem with the repair of the O2Ring equipment purchased from you. A little more than a year later, your device for measuring oxygen saturation stopped turning on and does not keep charging. Don’t know where to go?


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