-From Mohammed Hasnain Saiyed, a cardiac surgery resident.

In hospital we know that small ECG device with 3-5 cables that monitors our Heart for 24hours. But these days many mobile health gadgets started off as modified fitness trackers, or simply already developed medical devices altered to be powered by a mobile phone.  It’s a booming industry that is exciting to follow, but sometimes products can seem repetitive.

Recently, however, there have been a few companies that are truly taking it to the next level of mobile gadgets by providing unique tools for previously unavailable services. The Wellue 24h Heart Monitor is one such device.

Wellue has been perfecting the mobile phone customized electrocardiogram (ECG), building up to a point where they have now AI Heart Health Monitor, 24 Hours Holter with Free AI Analysis & PC Report, Chargeable Home Heart Recorder. I wanted to find out first hand what this device was all about. Here is my product review.

Appearance and Design

Small, slim, and cute. The device itself is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is very lightweight. It has rubbery feeling. With chest strap one can easily sleep and exercise. One can wear it everywhere all the time of course not in shower or swimming pool.

Product features

– Long-term 24h ECG recording with AI analysis of the recorded ECG

– Two wearing modes with chest strap or electrodes
– Professional preparation of the ECG data in report form (PDF) e.g. for forwarding to the doctor!

This is real deal, I mean its works for me, I never saw such a device in one of the best hospitals in the world in last 10 years.

I don’t have any heart problem but i use it to monitor my ECG during Sleep and exercise and it can point out when it was and how much it was. I wanted to monitor my heart ECG because of curiosity as a doctor and as someone who like to do sport.

Just like any other ECG device you can monitor your ECG in your mobile at anytime.


This was impressive. From opening the package to getting heart readings took about 5 minutes. You download the free app, set up a quick account with some basic information, and after a few instructions you are live and pulsing. 

Packet comes with pen drive to install computer program to further read ECG and read AI analysed report. You can’t see graphs but ECG pages moves like continues screen with clicks. I mean I see many ECG strips on computer in Hospitals that’s why I find it very easy to analyse and use.


If i say true as a doctor i would love to use it for my family and friends.

As you can see below in my report Maximum Heart Rate and Time of event.

Here you can see all the events that can happen and ECG strips

Here it was separately shown when my Heart Rate was abnormal i.e. 140during exercise.

I will use it to monitor my family and friends  all the time such an intelligent device.

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