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This isn’t rocket science ladies and gentlemen. The fact of the matter is the hippies and their offspring that were smoking weed a long time before it ever became legal, are old as dirt. With age comes all sorts of health problems. To me it would make sense that old hippies and gen Xers might find value in some health-related reviews, not just all things weed. Especially since many like myself returned to weed for medical reasons.

Recently I stumbled upon a company called Wellue. They have a lot of neat products perfect for someone like me with COPD and heart issues. These same products would be great for fitness fanatics or those striving to get in shape too. Since I had such disappointment in smartwatches I was skeptical, to say the least.

Out of the box impression, wow it’s so small. Plus I was pretty fascinated with the center springy piece, which because I am a Squirrel and its Halloween season, I couldn’t resist making it a bat for a few seconds.


  • Super clean instruction
  • Flash Drive with software and phone app with real time recording
  • Bluetooth
  • Detailed reports
  • Chest strap or disposable electrodes can be used
  • Easy to place
  • Super easy account setup
  • 72 hours battery life per charge
  • Price


  • Not waterproof
  • Computer Software just slightly buggy- needs to restart if you get a download error
  • No alert when having an event
  • Replacement Electrodes

In a Nutshell:

One of my biggest pet peeves with some products is their instructions. Small fonts are frustrating when you get older. Also, many companies give you either way too much information or not enough. Wellue did a great job striking that perfect balance. Their technical writer rocks! Too much information makes a Squirrel skip around, possibly missing important steps. Not enough is equally frustrating because that same Squirrel wants details, just not too many.

A flash drive is included with easy install the software. When I first installed it I realized I need to create an account to use it. Honestly, I immediately dreaded this part wondering what nightmarish registration process would pop up when clicking that ominous link to register. To set up your account you had to fill out three fields. Your email address, verification code, and password. Then agree to the TOS, which like everyone else, I didn’t bother to read. Check that box and you are in.

Your unit comes with 10 disposable electrodes and a chest strap that requires no disposable electrodes. The strap is extremely adjustable, fitting all sizes, including those like me with a little extra fluff. Okay, I just lied, a lot of extra fluff.

Extra disposable electrodes can be purchased for $29.00 for 30 sets *60 electrodes*. I would suggest ordering when you order your Heart Health Monitor. The replacement electrodes irritated my skin a little. The electrodes that came with the unit 3m Red Dot electrodes did not. The company doesn’t sell the 3m electrodes or at least I couldn’t find them on their website.

Once you place your monitor it will start flashing green so you know it’s recording the data. This also helps you confirm you placed it correctly too. That same LED light will glow yellow when charging or downloading data. When on charge it will be yellow until it’s fully charged and it turns green.

One thing the instructions did not document was the average charge time. This is one thing an impatient Squirrel with a new toy to test NEEDS to know. Must know! Which I still don’t know because of that whole issue with patience.

After getting several hours of readings I had two doctors review the reports. One was my doctor as this device picked up some alarming arrhythmias. The other a friend who is a pediatrician to get his opinion of the quality of the report, not his medical advice. Both were very impressed by the level of detail. They saw real value in this device. How it could help them determine the next step for testing or referral to which kind of specialist.

These reports also helped me get into see my cardiologist sooner.  She was also very impressed with the quality of the reports. This allowed her to make a better-educated decision on what tests need to be ordered and the urgency of getting it scheduled.

When writing this review I noticed I missed something very important and extremely impressive over this unit. Not only did it have computer software but also an app. One that shows real-time ECG data. Super easy to activate as well. This alone makes this unit a real winner.

Wellue’s website documents all the cool features and gives sample reports here *Please note this is not an affiliate link. I am not writing my reviews for profit. I write them to educate.  This way people can make better-informed choices when investing their money in online products.

This unit gets a Wow rating!


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