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I’m very impressed with the Checkme O2 Max!

Lynn A.


The Checkme O2 Max from Wellue is a sophisticated device that is easy to use and I’m very impressed and grateful for its assistance.   I first was aware of apnea in my 30’s when I would startle awake and sit up gasping for breath.  These episodes seemed to improve over the years (I’m now 75) and I  attributed occasional morning headaches to sinus/allergy issues though my husband of 30+ years has often mentioned having to nudge me to re-start my breathing in the night.  I was prompted to look up O2 monitoring apps after a recent middle of the night trip to the emergency department after waking with unaccountable rapid/forced breathing and subsequent confusion.  Although the cause wasn’t identified, and I fully recovered, it did take about 10 hours for my B.P. to return to it’s usual levels.  It wasn’t until a few days later my husband suggested the incident could have been apnea-related.

I purchased Wellue’s most expensive pulse oximeter because it wasn’t much more money and offered the 2-minute sampling rather than 4 minutes, has a powerful (7 day) battery plus it had the option of vibration or sound alerts for low O2 levels.  I also discovered it could be set for a sound alert if the sensor comes off your thumb (only 2 times in my 13 days of records so far),  and that I can reduce the threshold for the alert below 90% (initially I was aware of all of the alerts while sleeping and so I reduced the alert threshold to 88% so my brain would be less likely to habituate to the vibration–and so I might sleep better).  The summary reports on the smart phone app are very helpful and I also keep the more detailed records on my desktop via the O2 Insight Pro app (Wellue kindly quickly supplied an improved cable for this latter application to work reliably every time–otherwise it was a bit hit or miss on my older PC).  My husband has noticed that my sleeping is now much quieter (I’ve always been a snorer and now apparently I rarely do)—and that I seem to sleep more deeply.  I feel refreshed on waking up after using the Wellue Checkme O2 max and am now mostly unaware of the vibration alerts. In glancing through the records, I’m wondering if there might be some sort of subtle training/learning going on since after one week the depth of the O2 drops appears to decrease, and this is even more apparent now after these almost two weeks of use.

Great monitor with helpful support

It’s Amazing!


Let’s talk medical devices for a minute…. I just have this new bad boy a try and let me tell you…. It’s AMAZING. 

According to the American Sleep Association, the repetitive breathing pauses caused by sleep apnea during the nights can occur several times per hour and last for over 10 seconds. Checkme™ O2 Max wrist oxygen monitor can work as a monitor, tracks your overnight oxygen levels and heart rates, so you can view your night data in the day.

In the middle of the night if your oxygen falls too low you receive an alarm telling you to wake up and breath.  The soft silicone sensor makes it easy to sleep while on your wrist.  Also can be worn durning the day. You also can manually set your HR so that you can keep track of how your heart is doing. 

Using their app, you get great records of all results. 

The device can store 4 sessions data, up to 10 hours for each. 

I love that Check 02 not only records your HR and Sp02 but  it also records night movement and data history on your smartphone and share the information with your doctor. How cool is that? 

Because of this amazing product I was able to find out that my oxygen dropped to 83% while sleeping. I also had a heart rate of 139 with a PAC (Premature atrial contractions). 

If it couldn’t get any better. It stays charged for 70hours. Wow!! 

For someone like myself this gadget is a life saver. I’m able to to see my numbers and determine if I need to relax or start my infusion. 

I’m very impressed with it and grateful for its help. If you just want to keep track of your health, HR or oxygen level then this is your device. But this also is great to share detailed result with your doctor with a press of a button to your email or face to face. If you think you may have sleep apnea this can track that and help your doctor with his thoughts on that diagnosis. 

It also gives you 2-minute sampling rather than 4 minutes. It can also  be set for a sound alert if the sensor comes off your thumb, which I don’t ever see happening. 

But I am now aware of all of the alerts while sleeping and or awake. Making me feel comfortable to live my life with chronic illness.

Great monitor with helpful support

Stephen P.


I have bought and owned at least 4 different spo2 monitors such as checkme doctor, checkme max, checkme be4 max, i own all and have tested them all and they all matched readings from 1 hand using at same time on different fingers

and can say there accurate i got my 1st 1 in 2019 and then bought a family member the new max model in may2021 due to there ill health and due operations on there lungs and a weak heart

The max model has spo2 monitor plus a pulse rate monitor which both have an alarm system when they drop below a certain level then it beeps and vibrates

Support are very helpful with replacements when it comes to replacement charge/data cables or of finger sensors am a restless sleeper and due this sensors have malfunctioned and wellue have kindly replaced sensors as there warranty and guarantee is for a full year from purchase and there fast to reply within 24 hours so am very happy with there support system.

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Great Device and easy to use.

Jose M.


This device is of very high quality. Comfortable on the finger and the wristband.
Software interfaces once you open the app and downloads your nightly results automatically. This is a medical grade device with data that quite honestly could add years to your life because sleep apnea as a result of an airway restriction (snoring) is detrimental to your cardio muscle. The SPo2 alarm can be set for audio or vibrational mode and I learned that my snoring issue only occurred when I slept on my back with resultant jaw opening.

5 star product and any questions are immediately answered by product support.

Provides Good CPAP Corroborating Info

Philip A.


I use the Checkme O2 Max to confirm the information provided my ResMed AirSense-10 CPAP machine. It is nice to be able to see that the info from the two devices almost always confirms each other’s report. Yes, the device is a bit pricey, but its a real bargain compared to a local health supplier who charges $50 for a one-night recording oximeter test. To provide full disclosure, I am a hopeless addict to home healthcare electronic devices. 😉

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