Wellue Health – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is Wellue O2Ring FDA approved?

    Wellue O2ring is a FAD-approved device. It can monitor a person’s oxygen levels, heart rate, and body movements every second. … In addition, the O2Ring comes with a 1-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

  • Is Wellue health legit?

    Wellue Health was founded in 2013, specializing in developing electronic devices with medical-grade accuracy and consumer-friendly. Ranks 50th among Medical Equipment sites.

  • I am located in USA, what carrier should I expected? And how long?

    For USA, we offer free shipping, the reference transit time is 2-6 business days by USPS , UPS or Fedex from Maryland or California.

  • What`s the return instructions?

    1. Please contact our customer support via E-mail, or online chatting during our working hours.
        support mailbox: support@getwellue.com
    2. Please take a photo about the goods to us in email. We must confirm the status of the goods.    
    We will give you a response within 12 hours during business days, we will give you a response within 72 hours if weekends. Our team will offer you return and exchange guidance according to your specific requirements. Kindly let us know your purpose, then we will provide you the returned address.
    3. All goods (including all parts and attachments) must be returned to us via express delivery. Ship the product to the address we provide.
    4. We will refund you once we confirmed your returned tracking number is valid. Payment means for refund: credit card, debit card, PayPal, after received the return unit.
    We are dedicated to making our customers satisfied, and we encourage you to contact us if the product you have purchased does not meet your demands. 
    *Customers need to return products to an appointed address. We will provide you with information of returns via E-mail. Different country or region has a different returned warehouse. After receiving returned goods, we will arrange a full refund and email you.
    *Orders for returns require order number to be written on the outside of the package. 
    Please inform us on your request of refund or return or exchange within 30 business days after you receive the goods. 

  • Do Sleep Trackers really work?

    “Most sleep tracking devices make some guesstimate as to how much you’re actually sleeping.” … Such studies are helpful for diagnosing conditions like sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Still, tracking devices can definitely be useful for helping you recognize patterns in your sleep habits, Schwartz says.

  • Why I get different readings by Oxygen Monitors of Wellue and other manufacturers?

    Please be assured that all Wellue products provide medically accurately measurement.

    Different manufacturers utilize algorithms with different average SpO2 times, which is a significant element when calculating the reading. The shorter the collecting duration, the more sensitive the result, the fast the response. Oxygen monitor with too long assessment time is not the best choice for oxygen saturation detection, especially during sleep. Wellue’s intelligent averaging algorithm collects data quickly and identifies the precise SpO2 value. 
    Therefore, it is not rigorous to compare oxygen monitors that utilize different averaging algorithms.The comparing result will be much more accurate if obtained by an arterial blood gas.

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