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Really good when used specifically

Amazon customer: morteda – the United States


This device and its app are certainly specific, but for what I use it for, it’s great. I just want to be woken up if my O2 goes below x.

I don’t mind plugging it in before each use; since it polls every 4 seconds, that takes battery power and this is tiny. I think some users are being too demanding about the battery life. How about you design something that small that polls that frequently and make a batter last for 3 days?! Tall ask and easy to say.

The app is also a little specific and flakey, but it does work. It just has a little personality. I export the csv to drive/sheets and look at it. Works great for my needs at a fair price.

helps me excellently with sleep apnea

Amazon customer: JuTu – Germany


Unfortunately, I have the problem that as soon as I lie down, my nose closes and then, instead of breathing through my mouth. I simply hold my breath until it literally runs out and then at some point I gasp for air – oxygen-wise in the deep red zone. This is, of course, extremely detrimental to my health. I have been able to improve the problem through various measures, but not completely eliminate it.

With the O2 ring, I now have a reliable “watchdog” that prevents me from holding my breath too long: I have set the threshold value for oxygen saturation relatively high and as soon as I fall below this value, the O2 ring begins to vibrate – gently at first, then increasingly stronger – and thus triggers me to catch my breath again before I can drift into the red zone and at the same time also causes me to change my sleeping position.

I almost never really wake up, it’s more of a slight “popping up” that I rarely remember (I can only see it on the evaluation on my tablet that the ring has triggered and how often). Since I’ve been wearing the O2 ring at night, I wake up much more refreshed in the morning because I haven’t had any bad breathing episodes since then. The ring measures the oxygen content in the blood approx. every 2 seconds (in the evaluation, however, the values are entered only approx. every 15 seconds, which is completely sufficient in my opinion).

The ring is very light and comfortable to wear and does not bother me at all while sleeping. The associated software is also very good and gives clear reports (I use it on my Android tablet, but as far as I know it also works on Apple products). Via Bluetooth, the nightly analysis can be easily and quickly downloaded to a cell phone or tablet.

I had trouble finding the software in the Google Playstore at first, but the customer service is really friendly and eager and helped me (with hacky but understandable English) quickly. You just have to take into account the time difference, which means the answer comes a bit delayed.

I’m really impressed with how effectively this little high-tech thing works and incredibly glad I found it. The O2 Ring is worth every penny.

I highly recommend it to all apnea sleepers.

Accurate, reliable data from an easy/comfortable to wear device!!

Amazon customer: Kim Oran – the United States


I must admit, we were at first quite skeptical about this product. We had done a lot of research, and read a lot of bad reviews for other devices that did basically the same thing. We ended up choosing this device, because the reviews, for the most part, were positive.

That said, from the time we first opened the box, to installing the app on our iPhone, we found this product to be extremely easy to use!! Some people wrote reviews about it not being able to store much data.

The app, will hold four days worth of data, but you are able to export the data file to CSV, or PDF, So we simply export it daily, and save it on a computer! Not a big deal, considering that we are getting an extremely large amount of information, that would not be available to us unless we went into a lab to be monitored overnight every night! Highly recommend this product! We are well pleased!

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Works! With one documented and one undocumented vulnerability

Amazon customer: Ein Nichtphysiker – Germany


The thing works, wears well, has amazing battery life, charges quickly, and even the software (app on iPhone, iPad as well as PC) manages to load and present the data from the device reliably and quickly.

As noted in the documentary, the device starts to spin when the environment is cool (below room temperature), and this aspect becomes more apparent when you move your hand (while shopping, for example) and then displays an O2 value that is too low, then also sounds a (false) alarm. But that’s okay, because it is not intended for this kind of monitoring situation.

The only gripe: You can also activate the app while the device is working and watch the values live on the device. That’s cool! But if you exceed the BT distance and the device is too far away from the phone/IPad/PC, the app or the PC sounds an alarm — because no signal is received.

The device itself continues to measure, of course, and the collected values are also transmitted correctly during synchronization — only the alarm (a half-second dull MOEOEP every 5 second) is misleading. It would have been enough for me if an alarm only came at this point when the O2 saturation falls below the set threshold (or the pulse gets too high or too low).

But no reason to give less than 5 stars here.

I’m surprised that the rather thin rubber loop that you put your thumb through doesn’t seem to wear out, even after many hundreds of times of putting the device on/off your thumb. Because if the tears, it’s scythe;) but so far it does not go at all in this direction, and that the loop is so extremely wafer-thin, increases the wearing comfort very much.

Gift for snoring husband

Amazon customer: zoulili225 – the United States


I got this product as a gift for my husband. He has been snoring for years and postponed multiple appointments with his doctor. Recently he complained of headache and felt not refreshed in the morning. It kept me up during the night.

I tried to wake him up when there was long time stop of breathing, but I can’t watch him the whole night. I started looking for a simple oximetry online, then I saw this product. It is out of my budget. However, I was thinking that if it can wake him up then it’s worth it. It turned out to be the best gift ever for him.

It looks fancy, easy on, easy off. We can see the O2 saturation on the phone easily. We didn’t expect that his saturation was as low as 78% during the night. We set up the alarm level as 80%. The vibration successfully woke him up without bothering me. LOL.

I have better sleep and he feels much more refreshed. We also made appointment with doctors asap as we see how bad the problem is. We want to prevent the accident from happening.

Thank god, this O2 ring prompted us to take better care of ourselves.

No more snoring no more apneas hopefully no Cpap!

Amazon customer: kevin wells – the United States


I use this in conjunction with my fitbit and Snorelab app. I wear it at night. If you look at the results and write down the time intervals of sustained low O2 and compare it to your Snorelab results you will see that the low O2 intervals coincide with stopped breathing (apneas) on your Snorelab results.

The Snorelab app records your snoring and is awesome when combined with this and very easy to use. Once I realized how they coincided I used my wifes cell phone to videorecord me sleeping all night. It showed that everytime my Low O2 levels and apneas occurred I was sleeping on my back. Now I wear a device that prevents me from sleeping on my back and my apneas are gone! Im sooo happy. I also wear a mouth device that vastly reduces my snoring.

I had a sleep study done before monitoring all of this on my own and it showed moderate sleep apnea on the first night and severe on the second night and prescribed me a cpap machine but I really wanted to avoid that if possible.

This worked so well for me that Im not going to get the cpap machine unless for some reason my sleep apnea and snoring return. Btw I had read that drinking alcohol before going to bed increases the severity of your sleep apnea that night and its true. I was amazed at how much worse my snoring and apneas were after drinking.

I wouldnt have been able to figure any of this out without this device. My oxygen levels are so much better now and I actually feel rested when I wake up in the morning. Anyway I love this device and its worth every penny.

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Love the O2Ring for sleep monitoring and eliminating snoring

Amazon customer: Christine L – the United States


I only write reviews when something or some service is either 5 stars or 1 star, and this O2Ring gets my 5 star vote.Now after a few nights using the O2ring, which vibrates if my blood oxygen goes below 90, it’s helping me to prevent sleeping on my back (and snoring).

As a test, I disabled the vibrate alarm and my blood oxygen did indeed suffer (when I am sleeping on my back and snoring).I thought that I would definitely prefer the PC reports and CSV data saving capability, but the iPhone app really does work quite well.

It has 30 min., 1 hour, 5 hour and 10 hour zoom windows, and while no zooming (2 finger stretch) is possible, it does support “wiping” quickly through the 30 min. windows to see things closer up.I hope that this review helps you.

Gives a warning of low blood oxygen saturation level

Amazon customer: AJHill – the United States


My wife has a heart disease that requires her to be on oxygen 24/7. Sometimes in her sleep, she will knock the cannula out of her nose and neither she nor I would be aware of the problem.

A low blood oxygen saturation level is a health risk. The O2Ring alerts her directly and me through the iPhone app when her blood oxygen saturation drops below a our defined level.

It also alerts me if she were to remove the O2Ring from her finger. The O2Ring gives us piece of mind at all times, but particularly during our sleep. I highly recommend this device.

Be advised that the ring may not give reliable readings if it fits loosely on the finger. The ring circumference is 2.0″- 3.2″/50-82mm. Consider getting the KidsO2 monitor if you need a smaller ring (.7″-1.9″/ 42-49mm).

Works great. No issues what so ever.

Amazon customer: P. Hoppes – the United States


I picked this up to monitor my O2 level at night. I’m having difficulty recovering from Covid. This unit is a breeze to use and works perfect.

Some people had difficulty working the app but it is simply not that hard at all. You have to remember to not take the unit off until you have opened the app on your phone. Open the app, take the unit off, it sync’s with BT and downloads the data. Works like a charm.

It has been helpful to know when my O2 takes dips and if the CPAP I now need is helping or not.

Life Saver

Amazon customer: ArunKumar Jallepalli – the United States


My 9 year old kid suffers from epilepsy, a seizure disorder that occurs only in his sleep.

Doctors did not recommend any devices that can detect seizure activity. Upon researching the seizure reports, we noticed that his O2 and heart rate levels drop significantly during the episode and figured out that a good device to monitor and alert should help us detect the seizures.

Wellue O2 ring is a blessing for us and now we can sleep peacefully. This device is very easy to use, my kid wears every night on his own and it is loud enough to alerts us in the middle of night.

It also stores all the data in the app which is very useful to track his seizure activity. The battery life is good, it comes for 16 hours once charged fully.

Works as advertised

Amazon customer: MarineTech – the United States


Well designed product. I hate wearing anything at night, but I am supposed to be on oxygen (night only.) The oxygen tubing is awful, so I’ve set the ring to wake me up if my blood oxygen drops below 90%.

It woke me up twice last night. Still better than being strangled by tygon tubing.

The readings match my pulse oxometers so I trust the accuracy.

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