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Are you on the search for a device that will assist you to track your oxygen degrees overnight?

Are you seeking guidance on which one out of the many options available is the best for you?

After heavily researching the best overnight pulse oximeter options to satisfy your wireless oxygen monitoring needs, I’ve located that it really comes down to two brand names: Wellue and Lookee.

To successfully carry out home overnight oximetry, I have actually figured out that a pulse oximeter that fits like a ring (like both tools evaluated below) is the most effective option. This is because they:

  • Fit conveniently
  • Stay on securely while sleeping (unlike fingertip pulse oximeters)
  • Do not have any type of electrical wiring that could be in danger of separating overnight

The Wellue O2Ring and Lookee Ring are both ring sensors overnight pulse oximeters with comparable features and price points. Consequently, to help you to make a decision which is the most effective overnight pulse oximeter for you, I’ve developed a helpful side-by-side contrast of these tools.

Fast Answer– Wellue o2ring vs. lookee ring.

Ultimately, when taking into consideration the Lookee vs Wellue O2ring oxygen monitor, I’ve identified that the Wellue O2Ring is the best-in-class choice for overnight oxygen monitoring.

The following table highlights crucial differences that show why I think the Wellue O2Ring is a much better choice for you.

Wellue O2Ring vs Lookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor.

Wellue O2RingLookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor
The design is less bulky and sleek, making it more comfortable to wear while sleepingThe dimensions are slightly larger in this device
The ring portion is more sturdy and durableSome users report the ring is too thin and doesn’t seem like it will last long
Oxygen levels and heart rate are tracked more frequently (every second)Oxygen levels and heart rate are tracked every 4 seconds
The vibration alarm be used for detecting both low oxygen level and abnormal heart rateThe vibration alarm can only be used for detecting low oxygen level
Analysis reports can be viewed on either a computer or a mobile appAnalysis reports can only be viewed on a mobile app
Analysis reports can be printed for sharing with your physicianDoes not produce printable analysis reports
The device has dust and water resistance rating of IP24Not water resistant

The Details.

My Choose: Wellue O2Ring.

The Wellue O2Ring is an amazing oxygen monitor, as first of all, it’s the ideal size and fit.

It fits comfortably over the thumb or finger, leaving the remainder of the hand free for movement.

The ring fit enables it to stay on safely throughout the evening as well as doesn’t slip off. The ring boundary is 2-3.2 inches (50-82 mm) and also gets used to fit within all finger dimensions in this variety.

This pulse oximeter accumulates an outstanding amount of data throughout one recording session, as it continually tracks oxygen levels, pulse rate, as well as motion every second.

It has an integrated memory for information collection, however, information can likewise be stored making use of the Android or iOS app or the Mac or PC software.

The app or software program offers overnight oximetry analysis as well as offers you accessibility to comprehensive evaluation reports of blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and also body movements.

It produces high-resolution pattern graphs with 4-second periods. You can likewise conveniently produce specialist PDF or CSV reports to immediately send to your doctor for more analysis.

I recognize this is a great deal of talk about data, as well as you may discover it frustrating. The good news is that the records are easy to check out if you have the ideal assistance.

Now let’s get to among my favorite functions of the Wellue O2Ring. It vibrates when reduced oxygen levels or irregular heart rate is found.

The vibration attribute can be customized by the intensity of resonance, what you want it to vibrate for (ie, oxygen, heart price, or both), and also at what limit for each and every.

Moreover, an added benefit of the resonance alarm is that if you’re sharing a bed with a partner, it only wakes you up (unlike an audio alarm, which might wake up your partner).

Charging the device is very easy, as it only need a USB connection. Furthermore, the battery life of 12-16 hours is greater than adequate, as you can get about 2 evenings’ use from it before it needs a recharge.

Advantages And Disadvantages Reported by Consumers.

Ring fit is comfortable, secure with no concerns for disconnecting overnightSome reported app issues
Vibrates when oxygen levels are below normalSome dislike the software
Can be set to vibrate at a customized oxygen level and vibration intensityDoes not sync with Apple Health
Collects accurate readings and creates detailed analysis reports on app or computer software that can be printed and shared/


The Lookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor is a strong contender with its patented ring sensor, silent vibration alarm, and compatible mobile app for viewing analysis reports.

The device is rectangular in shape and fits like a ring over the thumb or finger, freeing the rest of the hand. It continuously tracks oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, and records data every 4 seconds.

The Lookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor has a silent vibration alarm that can be set to one of five different intensity levels to alert you when oxygen levels drop below a preset threshold limit.

You can set the threshold limit to your preferred level using the mobile app. It’s important to note that the vibration alarm cannot be used for heart rate.

Data collected by the device can be viewed in the compatible mobile app, which also generates helpful analysis reports to help you see how your oxygen levels are doing.

However, it’s not compatible with a computer and doesn’t generate printable reports to share with your doctor.

Pros and Cons Reported by Customers

Ring fits comfortably and securelySome reports of the display being difficult to read
Vibrates when oxygen levels are lowSome reports of ring being too thin and not durable
Can be set to vibrate at a customized oxygen level and vibration intensityAnalysis reports cannot be viewed on a computer or printed
Collects accurate readings and creates detailed analysis reports on mobile appDoes not vibrate when heart rate is low

Wellue O2Ring vs. Lookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor

Wellue O2RingLookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor
Works with CPAPYesYes
FitFits on thumb or fingerFits on thumb or finger
Product dimensions1.5 x 1.2 x 1.5 in1.8 x 1 x 1.8 in
Weight15 g (0.52 oz)18 g (0.64 oz)
Ring perimeter2.4-3.4 in (60-86 mm)2.3-3.1 in (59-80 mm)
Wireless capabilityBluetoothBluetooth
Prolonged trackingContinuously tracks oxygen levels and heart rate every secondContinuously tracks oxygen levels and heart rate every 4 seconds
Oxygen level range70-99%70-100%
Alarm/notificationSilent vibration alarmSilent vibration alarm
Customizable alarmAdjustable vibration intensity and threshold of blood oxygen and heart rateAdjustable vibration intensity and threshold of blood oxygen only
Printable/shareable reportsPrint/share professional PDF/CSV analysis report of oxygen levels and heart rateReports can be viewed in app but does not generate printable PDF reports
Display interval in app4 seconds4 seconds
PC/Mac softwareYesNo
BatteryRechargeable via USB with 12-16 hours battery lifeRechargeable via USB with >16 hours battery life
Built-in memoryYes, 4 sessions up to 10 hours eachYes, 4 sessions up to 10 hours each
Water resistantYes (IP rating: IP24)No
Amazon rating4.3 / 54 / 5

Wellue o2ring vs. lookee ring Closing Points

When it comes down to it, the Lookee Ring Sleep Oxygen Monitor is lacking a few key features, making it a less appealing ring sensor pulse oximeter option compared to the Wellue O2Ring.

Given the above points and the small price difference between these pulse oximeters, I believe the Wellue O2Ring is the best choice for overnight oxygen saturation monitoring for you.

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