What Medical Practitioners Have to Say about EagleView Ultrasound

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Wellue has released its wireless hand-held EagleView Ultrasound. Let’s see how some medical practitioners think about the EagleView probe, such as Gabriel P., Dr. Perikles (anesthesiologist in Athens), Dr. Wong Lin Ho (MB BCh BAO ) and Prof. Wong Pang Ong (PhD, PFJ Medical).

Wow! Extraordinary diagnostic tool! This should be in every clinician’s pocket!


In a busy orthopedic practice, I utilize ultrasound to visualize musculoskeletal pathological conditions ranging from sprains and strains to ligament/tendon ruptures. I can also visualize correct needle placement when injections or aspirations are required. The resolution is very clear and the scanner is easy to use one-handed, due to ergonomic design and the multipurpose button on the side of the instrument for capturing images.
No more lugging around a heavy and cumbersome ultrasound machine! This is light weight and the battery is long lasting. Additionally, the customer support from Wellue is exceptional. Responses were timely, courteous, and professional. I was so satisfied with my original purchase, that I recently ordered a 2nd scanner for my colleague! In all honesty, we are likely to phase out all of our older machines and replace them with these! I am 100% happy with this purchase and strongly recommend!
Eagleview linear head wireless ultrasound in MSK
Eagleview linear head wireless ultrasound in MSK2
Eagleview linear head wireless ultrasound in MSK3

Very good picture indeed!!!

 Dr. Perikles, anesthesiologist in Athens

I would like to send you a picture of an incidental finding of a thyroid nodule, during my routine airway ultrasound examination in a patient.
Very good picture indeed!!!

A shot from my patient’s right common carotid artery with color dappled.

right common carotid artery
airway ultrasound examination

Given a small clinic like ours, a portable ultrasound is important

 Dr. Wong Lin Ho, MB BCh BAO and Prof. Wong Pang Ong, PhD, OFJ Medical

50 year old Asian, male, presented to our clinic with dysuria, haematuria and Right loin tenderness. He was previously seen at ED on the same day but the x-ray was inconclusive.

We subsequently utilized the Dual-Head Ultrasound from Wellue and subsequently discovered a renal stone within the right kidney.

Given a small clinic like ours, a portable ultrasound is important as it helps to save the space required for the storage. The rapid charging function also reduces the time required for us to charge prior to usage.

Pricing wise, it is way cheaper than other ultrasounds that I have seen which costs up to SGD $20,000.

The right kidney
The right kidney

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