2023 – The Ultimate O2ring Usage Guide

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1. What is the O2ring?
2. Who needs to use Wellue O2ring?
3. How does the Wellue O2ring work?
4. How O2ring can protect your health (True Reviews)

What is the O2 Ring?


Wellue O2ring


O2Ringcould continuously track oxygen levels and heart rate as a smart home-use health monitor. Transmissive oximetry technology has medical-grade accuracy and is more accurate across all finger sizes.

With 4 groups of 10-hour data storage, it could work independently or together with Vihealth App. The battery could last 12-16 hours after one charge.

Wearing the O2 ring will automatically start to track your overnight blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body movement continuously. It will silently vibrate to remind you when detecting too low blood oxygen saturation or irregular heartbeats. Of course, you can customize the reminder.

The device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth, after you take it off, the data will be uploaded to your Vihealth APP automatically. You can also sync the data seamlessly to your PC software, and share detailed personal overnight oximetry reports with your sleep specialist. Your sleep report shows the statistics of oxygen levels and pulse rates, making it an excellent reference for the home sleep study.

Main Function of O2Ring

  • 1. Continuously tracking oxygen levels and heart rate up to 16 hours.

    2. Alarming for abnormalities by silent vibration.

    3. Records of oxygen drops, average oxygen levels, and heart rate provide oxygen scores and trends over time.

    4. Provides detailed sleep reports as PDF/SCV/Binary, easily print and share.

What makes O2 Ring stand out?

O2Ring is designed to provide accurate insights without disrupting your life. With precise sensors, O2ring packs Blood Oxygen Level(Spo2), Pulse Rate, Body Motions, and sleep monitoring technology into a lightweight, soft-wearable ring.

1. Continuous monitoring

Sleep Apnea - O2ring

Most pulse oximeters in the market have the ability to do spot checks but couldn’t support continuous real-time monitoring.

O2Ring makes difference, with a built-in memory design, it could continuously take records every second and store up to 4 groups of 10-hour data.

The continuous data provides detailed insights into your health, and your historical data reveals how your body performs dynamically over certain periods of time.

Access to continuous data is critical for many patients with sleep or breathing problems, such as Sleep Apnea, COPD, or other chronic diseases.

Most pulse oximeters in the market have the ability to do spot checks but couldn’t support continuous real-time monitoring.

O2Ring makes difference, with a built-in memory design, it could continuously take records every second and store up to 4 groups of 10-hour data.

The continuous data provides detailed insights into your health, and your historical data reveals how your body performs dynamically over certain periods of time.

Access to continuous data is critical for many patients with sleep or breathing problems, such as Sleep Apnea, COPD, or other chronic diseases.

2. Accuracy Above All

O2ring with great accuracy 

When you visit your doctor, there’s a reason they measure your pulse from your finger and not the wrist—accuracy. Your finger is the ideal source for reliable, impactful data. We do have studies showing that reflectance oximetry (used in AW7) is not as accurate or stable as transmittance oximetry (used in fingertip pulse oximeters.) Read More. Using an intelligent SOC chip, combined with anti-interference filtering technology, O2Ring provides a more accurate SpO2 level and Pulse Rate measurement in real-time.

The reliability of O2Ring’s recording data has been approved by clinics and doctors.

3. Free & light, Easy to Wear and Use

Getting started with O2Ring is a simple process, its soft silicon-made belt provides excellent comfort and flexibility,  wearing it like wearing nothing, ensuring your normal routine and sleep carries on uninterrupted.

Getting Started is Easy

1. Download ViHealth APP

Search and download Vihealth App (the newest version) from Google Play(Android) or App Store(iOS).

Download Vihealth app for O2Ring

2. Wear O2Ring

wearing o2ring pulse oximeter

The ring is elastic, inside circumference range is about 2.0~3.2 inches.

The thumb and index finger are preferred.

General rules:

1)Do not use the middle finger.

2)Avoid loose wearing


3. Connect O2Ring with Vihealth


Wellue APP

4. Take It off And Sync Data

continuous oxygen monitoring by wellue o2ring oximeter

O2Ring could work independently with built-in memory, you can just go to sleep or work, no need to work with a phone. It could save readings for 10 hours. When taking it off, your recordings are already in O2Ring. Then you can sync the data to your phone or PC (Click to download PC software) seamlessly and get your report easily.


5. Get Detailed Sleep reports 

O2Ring sleep reports

The sleep report shows 8 detailed data with oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and body motions, Average Sp02, Lowest O2, Oxygen Drops per hour, etc.

You can clearly understand your sleep data for all night at your fingertips. If there are any doubts about your sleep, just share this report with your doctor so as to help him know your situation quickly and make an accurate diagnosis, which saves time and money.


data analytics


How Does O2Ring Work?

1. Power on/off

Wear O2Ring, it will turn on automatically.
The device would turn off automatically in a moment after you take it off.
O2ring daily use


2. Typical steps. 

START: Charge the battery, wear the device to power on.
STOP: Take off the device, the recording will be over after the countdown.
DATA SYNC: After the countdown, run App to sync data, or next time after you turn on the device, run App to sync.

3. Notice

  • Keep snug enough, loose wearing may cause inaccurate readings.
  • If the working time is less that 2 minutes, the data will not be saved.
  • Please avoid excessive motion.
  • Please avoid strong ambient light condition.


Who Will Be Benefit from the Wellue O2ring?

O2ring customer review

O2Ring is your personalized health tool—packing sleep insights, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and more into a single tool that gets to know your personal “normal” and provides tailored insights to help you answer key questions about your health.

Those who belong to these groups will be great benefits from O2Ring:


O2ring - Vibrations

Some users have those common questions as follows. If you also encounter these questions, read the following: 

  • Why does O2Ring silently vibrate? I hate being bothered during sleep. 
  • Why should I use O2Ring because the CPAP machine already provides many parameters for sleep apnea? 
  • Why choose O2Ring rather than a fingertip pulse oximeter? 


For more FAQ, please click to read: https://getwellue.com/pages/faqs-o2ring

Question 1: Why does O2Ring vibrate?

When oxygen drops occur, the O2ring vibration is a reminder that it’s time to replenish your oxygen.

We have collected some feedback from O2Ring users. Let’s see what they said.

User I.

“I can now report that I have successfully used the O2 Ring to prompt me to turn onto my side, and over time, help train me to sleep on my side.”

User II.

“For me it essential because I go in sleep paralysis then it happens and I need external stimulation to help me to take a breath and wake up and depending what on monitor take medication or call my doctor 911 if needed and I can provide recordings of all events.”

User III.

“It effectively controls my sleep apnea. I set the O2alarm to wake me when O2 drops. I am able to half wake up, take a few quick breaths, and go back to sleep after turning over where I can breathe properly. As time goes on I am better and better at staying on my side or stomach and often sleep through the night with no alarms. Also as time goes on I “raise the bar” in settings so it takes less of an O2 drop to trigger an alarm.No one paid me to say this.”

User IV.

alarm advantage

User V.

O2ring customer-A

But of course, there are some users that don’t like to be bothered during sleep by its vibration. The vibrating reminder can be adjusted or shut off from the APP setting.

Question 2: Do I need to use O2ring with CPAP treatment?

For people with Sleep Apnea or COPD, PAP Machine is one of the ideal treatment options.

To Make the Therapy Even More Effective

It’s really helpful to use this gadget right after the therapy begins. With the additional information, the user may understand his/her improvement more clearly, or know the need of adjusting the treatment.

User VI.

Your CPAP can work fine and you can still drop to hypoxic levels in your sleep. this can be used to determine if you should talk with your pulmonologist about an oxygen concentrator.

User VII.

I was diagnosed moderate sleep apnea and they wanted me to use a CPAP. I wanted to explore every option and found this. Been wearing it good 2 months now and LOVE it! I’m actually finding the positions in which my oxygen goes down and trying to avoid those positions and retrain myself. This would even be good for non sleep monitoring.

User VIII.

Pairing this ring with the use of a cpap could be useful. Could indicate whether/not cpap should be adjusted, and could be another level of confirmation regarding interruptions while capa is in use.

User IX.

But if this keeps waking you up when your O2 level drops, are you getting restful sleep? This doesn’t correct the problem, just makes you aware you have one. You still need to use a Cpap machine.

User X.

O2ring with CPAP

User XI.

this ring was a great place to start with getting a referral. Just started CPAP. Went from over 60 or so events an hour to less than 1. Look at these pictures. One is wearing the ring before CPAP and the second is with CPAP. Just started a few days ago and I’m so glad I got help.

User Feedback

Question 3: Why choose O2Ring rather than fingertip pulse oximeter?

Fingertip pulse oximeters only have the ability to do spot checks, but O2Ring supports both continuous and spot checks. Continuous monitoring can provide detailed insight into your body index and trends. Years ago people have to go to the hospital to do continuous oxygen level monitoring. But during the epidemic, using O2Ring at home to monitor your oxygen levels is a better choice.

User XII.

continuous monitoring

User XIII.

sleep study

How does the Wellue O2ring work?


SpO2 Reminder

A. SpO2 Reminder

a1. Turn it on and O2ring will vibrate.

a2. Turn it on and your phone/tablet will send an alert.

a3. Blood Oxygen Threshold, a safe zone that you can preset.

Step 4. Customize your reminder on the phone APP.

PR Reminder

B. PR Reminder

b1. Turn it on and O2ring device will vibrate.

b2. Turn it on and your phone/tablet will send an alert.

b3. Setting an alarm when the heart rate falls below a certain value.

b4. Setting an alarm when the heart rate is above a certain value.

C. Device Offline Reminder

Device Offline Reminder

– After the switch is turned on, if the device becomes offline on Dashboard, the phone will sound an alarm and vibrate immediately.

– Device Offline Reminder works only when you stay in Dashboard and keep the screen awake.

D. Vibration Intensity


There are a total of five levels of vibration intensity, which can be set by your preference.

E. Screen Mode

Screen Mode

There are two modes: standard and always-on.

-In standard mode, the O2ring screen will light up only when you touch the screen.

– In constant light mode, the O2ring screen will always be on.

F. Screen Brightness

Screen Brightness

There are three modes to choose the brightness of the O2ring screen.

G. History

O2ring history data

One of the most important reports is “History”.

After we have worn it for a period of time, we take the O2ring off and then the app automatically records the data while we are wearing it.

We can click on the report for a certain period of time and then view its details of it.

The following data are included in this report. (Analysis & trend graphs are automatically generated in the data table.)

1. Recording Time

2. <90% Time – How long has your blood oxygen been below 90%

3. Drops over 4% – How many times does your blood oxygen level drop over 4% 

4. Drops per Hour – Average times of oxygen levels drop over 4% per hour

5. Average SpO2

6. Lowest SpO2

7. O2 Score – It combines your average O2, lowest O2, times of oxygen drops, and more. If your O2ring Score turns to yellow or red, please ask your doctor for advice.

8. Average PR – The average PR per minute. 

Wellue PC software

You can export the data to your computer desktop in PDF format or export it as CSV.

Wellue PC software PDF

How O2ring can protect your health

Story 1. How O2ring helps with sleep health.


I have been using this for about 6+ months now. Love it! So helpful for monitoring at night and during in-home infusions. It helps to wake up if O2 or HR goes out of normal levels, it vibrates.

And for me it is essential because I go into sleep paralysis then it happens and I need external stimulation to help me take a breath and wake up. Depending on what is on the monitor, take medication or call my doctor 911 if required and I can provide recordings of all events.

To me, it’s absolutely essential!

One thing is I wish it would have the ability to send recordings in a different format, so the doctor would be able open in detail all 10-12 hours of recording by himself, right now if I want to send detailed information second by second changes it has to be enlarged in that event and it will save it PDF file.

As well it would be wonderful and very helpful to provide not only overall O2 and HR information but show the highest in lowest numbers, especially in HR as well as O2.

It’s all operated by app, so hopefully, if the company will make this little addition to the app it would be even much better and more helpful!

I absolutely recommend it to anyone who has any problems with the heart or lungs and needs monitoring, it’s easy, light, it’s comfortable.

It is very simple to set up, it transfers data by itself automatically. Definitely, the best monitor overall I had in the past! 

Story 2. How O2ring helps pilots.


Here’s the thing when it comes to flying with it.

Number one is that being a ring instead of a fingertip sensor, it doesn’t get in the way of pushing buttons, flipping switches, manipulating touchscreens, or “flying with two fingers” like you’re supposed to.

What I found is that I wasn’t wearing my fingertip one but instead putting it on every 20-30 minutes at fuel tank switch time to check my O2 level.

But as I found out on a recent trip back from TX at 15,500 and on O2, my tank had run out between checks and I had gone from 94% 20 minutes prior to 77%! It was only then I realized my tank was empty, and immediately descended 4,000’.

With the O2 ring, you can set an alert level (at say…88% or 90% for example) and if it detects that level, the ring vibrates to warn you.

Since you’re wearing it the whole time, the time between 02 drops and notification is virtually instantaneous, allowing you precious extra minutes to get back down—especially if you’re up in the flight levels.

The bottom line is I’m very happy with it so far. The secondary bonus for me is the recording for sleep analysis. Good product. 

Read more Storys.  

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