Today’s, medical practitioners, all around the world are considering an app-based Handheld Ultrasound Scanner, often known as ultrasound system. If you are using an Android or Apple device, you can select the best one available from a range of options to befit your suit your image quality requirements, speciality as well as budget.

 If you’re new to ultrasound imaging and the prospect of spending $20,000 to $80,000 is a barrier to purchasing a system of your own, we have a better choice for you. 

Given a small clinic like ours, a portable ultrasound is important as it helps to save the space required for the storage.Pricing wise, it is way cheaper than other ultrasounds that I have seen which costs up to SGD $20,000. Dr. Wong Lin Ho explains.

Let’s explore 5 reasons we think Eagleview Ultrasound is ideal for you.




Suit your budget, one-time purchase for all-in-on device


Compared with other handheld ultrasound devices on the market, eagleview is obviously your first choice in terms of price. There is no membership,   no extra fees for any service, one-time purchase for all you need.



Easy to operate, simple to sync with Mobile/ PAD


Support both iOS and Android, connect to your smartphone or tablet within seconds.The mini ultrasound gives the premium quality image on your palm within few minutes.

You don’t need to worry about changing or disappearing ports on smart devices. It works with an application, and you can also connect via Bluetooth. You can connect with Wi-Fi as well to most iOS as well as Android devices.The best thing is – you never have to worry about the potential consequences of changing or disappearing your smart devices.



No need to replace probes, one machine can use the whole body


By possessing linear and convex heads at the same time,  you can scan the whole body within one smart scanner. By simply flipping around the device, you can switch from shallow exams to deep exams. From the deep structures within the abdomen, superficial anatomy, the extremities and even to the heart.


Bring  “completely wireless” to reality,take it to the bedside of every patient


With Wellue Eagleview wireless handheld ultrasound scanner, you can scan in wireless, completely. Now, you can get rid of cables, chargers or wires that are really complicated to carry on the go. You don’t need any limited hand movements around the human body when you operate it. You will be amazed to see that your scanner and smart device will work together and separately, and that’s too at the same time.

With only about 260g (0.6lbs), it contains everything you need to image a full human body. Put it in your pocket and bring it to the bedside of every patient. Designed for more remotable and efficient diagnosis.

“EagleView has become our crew’s favorite gear. We carry it everywhere, on our way to emergent care or in the office. Countless shifts, it’s always in my pocket. Thanks for making this!

Seen many handheld ultrasounds on the market, Uprobe is the few able to bring  “completely wireless” to reality. Rather than paying attention to the wires which block my vision frequently, I finally can concentrate on my patient’s condition.”


Easy To Disinfect With Wireless.


To reduce contamination and encourage disinfection, wireless probes and tablets are the most suitable ultrasound equipment as they can be easily wrapped in single-use plastic covers. These devices are also less expensive than more traditional machines. Portable machines can be used if wireless equipment is unavailable, but those covid-19 patients must be strictly dedicated to patients. Maximum sterilization procedure must be followed for cases, inspection and keyboard cover.

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