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10+ Signs of Sleep Apnea

10+ Signs of Sleep Apnea

Overview Sleep apnea is a common and potentially serious sleep disorder in which your breathing is repeatedly interrupted while you sleep. If left untreated, sleep apnea can contribute to type 2...

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Be Aware of Warning Signs of Winter Heart Disease

Be Aware of Warning Signs of Winter Heart Disease

Does cold weather affect your heart? Yes, the risk of cardiovascular diseases will rise in Fall and Winter. In addition to keeping warm and adjusting medication to keep blood pressure stable, you must pay attention to the following heart disease warning signs.

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Who Needs to Monitor Oxygen Levels at Home in Daily Life

Normally, oxygen saturation (SpO2) means how...

10+ Signs of Sleep Apnea

Overview Sleep apnea is a common and potentially...

How to Choose the Right Oxygen Monitor for Home Use?

People who want to monitor their oxygen levels at home may wonder know how to choose the right oxygen monitor. Here are some tips for selecting pulse oximeters collected by Wellue’s editors.

Wellue O2Ring, a Compact Night Oximeter Review

One of our customers sent a review on our Wellue O2Ring Continuous Oxygen Monitor. He thought the O2Ring is a great device to look for more insights into your blood oxygen levels. Read his story with our star product.

Mom Hendrix’s Story with Wellue Baby Oxygen Monitor

Mom Hendrix is one of our customers who has two kids and has ever had to deal with that has asthma and with any sickness. This is her story with BabyO2 Baby Oxygen Monitor, a trusted baby device from GetWellue online store.


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